EcoConcern is a social enterprise established by experienced and committed environmental experts with a strong belief that appropriate innovative technologies and approaches can address environmental concerns of our people and planet. As an environmental entrepreneur, or ecopreneur, EcoConcern understands that environmental products and services can serve as a synergy of business opportunity and environmental responsibility.
Our mission is to provide innovative, eco-friendly and affordable products and services related to safe water, sustainable sanitation and healthy environment for all communities.

Safe Water

Access to safe, clean water is a basic human right for all human in the world.

Sustainable Sanitation

Provision of lasting sanitation is a leading development priority of the world.

Healthy Environment

Clean environment is central to increasing quality and longevity of life.

Alternate Energy

Use of environment friendly energy sources can mitigate global warming.

Helping People To Drink Clean and safe Water.

Access to safe water is basic human right

We are continuously working to provide effective, assessable and cost effective POU water treatment options to urban and rural settings.

Lasting sanitation and Clean Environment

We look forward to providing provision for sustainable sanitation and clean environment for increasing quality and longevity of life.

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  • We Work 365 days to make water drinkable and to control the water from disinfections.

Our Services

Construction and Management.

Of sustainable and eco-friendly WASH systems, including water conservation, rain water harvesting, water recharge and....


Consulting and Training

For assessment and designing of innovative, eco-friendly and affordable WASH and energy system....


Laboratory Services.

Background: Ever Increasing use of synthetic chemicals in various products such as cosmetics, household appliances, food and beverage additives, electronics, agricultural  products and the unsafe release of these chemicals into the environment have severely polluted environmental  resources all the world. Unplanned and rapid urbanization without adequate and proper provisions for water supply, sanitation and waste management has made contamination of drinking water and food a typical health issue, particularly in developing countries. To address these problems, appropriate strategies and ma...


Production of WASH products.

For water treatment and testing in the field and in the laboratory and devices related to alternative energy...


Sales and Marketing

Of innovative, eco-friendly and affordable technology and products related to water, sanitation and energy....



​Chlorine Test Kit

Chlorination is one of the widely used methods for water disinfection. However, Chlorination may not be effective in bacterial disinfection if it is not applied in correct dose. Therefore FRC shoul...

​ENPHO Body Belt Incubator

ENPHO body belt incubator is an easy-to-handle, portable, low cost and reusable incubator for microbiological water quality analysis in field. It was recently (2014) developed by laboratory and produc...

​Coliform P/A(H2S) Test Vial

Coliform Presence/Absence(H2S) Test Vial is a simple-to-use and low-cost method for qualitative detection of faecal contamination in drinking water. The test vial (developed by ENPHO in 2001) is po...

​ENPHO Field Water Test Kit

ENPHO field water test kit is a simple, cost-effective and portable water testing kit developed by ENPHO in 2001 AD to carry out water testing in field. Features: Portable, light, cost-effecti...

​Swaccha Filter

Introduction: Silver coated candle filter is the easiest home used alliances. The main fea tures of this candle is that it is prepared by dipping in to the silver which is more effective in compara...


Piyush Plus is a 0.7% chlorine solution for disinfecting large volumes of drinking water usually stored in buckets or tanks. Piyush Plus is a product of ENPHO introduced in 2010. Piyush Plus was massi...


Piyush is 0.5% chlorine solution widely used for drinking water disinfection.it was introduced in 1994 by ENPHO. It is widely accepted in both rural and urban contexts for drinking water purification....






Enpho Lab


Years of experience


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