Product Discription

Piyush Plus is a 0.7% chlorine solution for disinfecting large volumes of drinking water usually stored in buckets or tanks. Piyush Plus is a product of ENPHO introduced in 2010. Piyush Plus was massively distributed during emergency response activity after earthquake in April, 2015 for drinking water disinfection.


  • Piyush Plus comes in a 240 ml portable packages and can disinfect 1200 liters of clear drinking water
  • 2 ml of Piyush Plus can disinfect 10 liters of water in 30 minutes
  • Easy-to-use, reliable and cost effective technique for water disinfection
  • Easily available in pharmacies and departmental stores at a reasonable price
  • No need for boiling or other bacterial disinfection measures after using Piyush Plus.