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Product Discription


Silver coated candle filter is the easiest home used alliances. The main fea tures of this candle is that it is prepared by dipping in to the silver which is more effective in comparative ly to that of the filter that is available in the market in order to t reat the water and remov e the bacteria from it.


Water treatment process:

This filter has two layer i.e. upper and lower parts. For the fil tration process, the silver coated candl e is fitted in the upper part and the wa ter that needs to be filtere d is poured in the same l ayer. The filtered water is collected in th e lower part . The water c ollected thro ugh this pro cess is drinkable and is bacteria free.


Filter installation and its use:

1.Filter should be cleaned properly with t he soft brush before installing.

2.Fill the upper bucket with after after installation.

3.Do not use the first filtered water collected after the installation. Refill the bucket and now the filter water is ready to drink.


Benefits of the CS Filt er:

1.It kills the bacteria and clears the turbid water. It can filter 4 liters water in an hour.

2.It is very easy and convenient to use.

3.It is easy lighter and can be shift from one place to another.



1.The filter should not be exposed to sunlight.

2.It should not b e clean with the soap or any other chemical. Do not put the candle in the boiling water in order to clean. It should be kept in the clean and safe place.


Things to remember:

1.Always clean the filter with the soft clean tooth brush time to time. Do not touch the hole of the filter tap with the dirty hand.

2.If the water is highly turbid, filter the water after sedimentation.