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Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Sewered and Non-Sewered Sanitation System in Mahalaxmi Municipality, Nepal

Project Details

  • Client: Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Technical Assistance Hub in South Asia (TA Hub)
  • Location: Mahalaxmi Municipality
  • Year: July 2020-February 2021


Life Cycle Cost Analysis is an important tool that enables governing bodies to make a financially capable decision to select an appropriate sanitation system. It is used to determine the most cost-effective option among different competing alternatives that provide a similar function.  It includes the cost from cradle to grave: purchase, own, operate, maintain and, finally, dispose of an object or process, when implemented on technical grounds.

EcoConcern in collaboration with partner organizations evaluated the sewered (SS), non-sewered (NSS) and hybrid sanitation system (HSS) in Mahalaxmi Municipality using the Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool.


  • To identify the list of information, spatial and non-spatial data for the LCCA analysis of sanitation systems
  • To determine the most cost-effective sanitation system
  • Review CWIS-SAP tool, analyze the data gaps and their potential impact in SAP tool

Project Accomplishments

LCCA analysis of three sanitation scenarios: sewered, non-sewered and hybrid system in Mahalaxmi municipality was done. The data compilation was done for all three scenarios which included information on the existing sewage network along with sewer length, diameter, material, sewerage treatment plant, the status of sewage outlet. Additionally, information on the containments and their sizes, types, quality, emptying practice and existing services for emptying, cost of emptying vehicles, FSTP, etc were also collected. List of data was prepared for input to the CWIS-SAP Tool and their Gap Analysis. A final report on LCCA including relevant maps and infographics was submitted to the concerned organization.


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