Laboratory Services.


Ever Increasing use of synthetic chemicals in various products such as cosmetics, household appliances, food and beverage additives, electronics, agricultural  products and the unsafe release of these chemicals into the environment have severely polluted environmental  resources all the world. Unplanned and rapid urbanization without adequate and proper provisions for water supply, sanitation and waste management has made contamination of drinking water and food a typical health issue, particularly in developing countries. To address these problems, appropriate strategies and management plans should be formulated based on the local conditions and need. Hence, to formulate these strategies, analytical services for detecting and quantifying chemical and microbiological contaminants is very crucial.

ENPHO laboratory

Environment and public health organization (ENPHO) laboratory has been providing analytical services on water, air, soil and food quality since its inception in 1990. ENPHO laboratory has been accredited under the NEPLAS criteria (based on ISO 17025) by Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology, Government of Nepal. The main objective of this laboratory is to contribute to ENPHO’s overall mission of transforming Nepalese society into a healthy and eco-friendly society through its services. This laboratory has also established itself as an important platform for research and development activities in water, sanitation and environment sectors.


Water/Wastewater/Fecal sludge quality monitoring and treatment

  1. Indoor/ ambient air quality and stack emission monitoring
  2. Food and soil testing
  3. Research and development on environmental technologies


  • ENPHO water field test kit
  • ENPHO Arsenic field test kit
  • Free residual chlorine (FRC) test kit
  • Piyush (60 mL) and Piyush plus (240 mL) chlorine solution for water disinfection
  • Chlorine Solution (1%) – 5 liters pack
  • Swachha filter
  • Coliform presence/absence test vial
  • ENPHO body belt incubator

Research and Monitoring

ENPHO laboratory has been actively involved in research and development activities on:

  • Effectiveness of use of silver as a disinfectant in candle water filters
  • Water pasteurization through improved cook stove (WAPIC) model
  • Use of urine as fertilizer in agriculture
  • Improvisation of the ENPHO water quality test kits
  • Assessment of efficiency  of various point of use (PoU) drinking water treatment  technologies such as Solar disinfection (SODIS), Bio-sand filter (BSF), Kanchan Arsenic  filter and disinfectant (chlorine) solution
  • Evaluation of treatment efficiency of decentralized wastewater treatment systems including constructed wetlands


  • Pioneered in bringing awareness on air and water quality monitoring in Nepal
  • Carried out ambient air quality monitoring through different stations in the Kathmandu valley in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.
  • Introduced arsenic testing and water quality testing field test kits for the first time in Nepal
  • Vital contribution in research and development of Kanchan arsenic filter a simple yet effective arsenic  filter at household level
  • Carried out water quality testing in all 75 districts of Nepal


ENPHO laboratory is situated in its own premises at Thapagaun, New Baneshwor in Kathmandu. ENPHO laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrument and experienced human resources. A competent team, comprising chemists, microbiologists, environmental scientists and public health specialist, is involved in sampling, laboratory analysis and measurement, quality control, project design and implementation.


ENPHO laboratory is equipped with many sophisticated analytical instruments

  • pH and electrical conductivity meters
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Digestion Unit
  • Distillation Unit (automatic)
  • Instruments for microbiological analysis
  • Laminar flow cabinet for microbiological analysis
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • 4-digit analytical balance
  • Double distillation unit for distilled water production
  • Autoclave
  • Oven and Incubators

We analyze water from different sources like:

  • Tap
  • Ground water
  • Water treatment systems
  • Swimming pool
  • Springs/ streams
  • Domestic sewage
  • Industrial effluent
  • Institutional wastewater
  • Bottled/Processed water
  • Hospital waste
  • Pharmaceutical industries and many more

Our Partners

ENPHO laboratory has been working with various national and international agencies including government, INGOs, NGOs, academic institutions and universities, diplomatic missions, industries, hospitals, community based and volunteer organizations.

  • For more accurate results, especially for research purposes or designing treatment systems, water needs to be tested in a fully competent and accredited lab.
  • We provide sampling bottles (sterilized or with chemical preservatives) as per the requirements of the analysis.
  • We provides sample collection services.
  • We also provides facilities to researchers, scholars and students to conduct their laboratory works under the guidance of laboratory personnel.
  • We also offer trainings for water sample collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Online report delivery service available.
  • We are open 9:30 am – 5:30 pm from Monday-Friday.